What is mill Racing?

it is a Working event where Each dog is encouraged to run a manual mill (slat mill) for 2 minutes and A judge will time each dog with a stopwatch. The dog who runs the furthest distance in 2 min wins.


What is a slatmill and what are the benefits of the dog running on a slatmill?

 a slat mill is a manual treadmill made for dogs, not humans.  They don’t run on electricity, they are slat mills, that means your dog powers the mill.  If your dog stops, then mill stops spinning. This provides a relatively safe and extremely convenient form of exercise for your dog.

These types of mills are in use by top trainers, military agencies, police departments and dog lovers everywhere.

There are a few good reasons slatmill is not only good for your dog, but beneficial for owners as well!

  • Makes Sure Your Dog Can Stay Active. The most common reason owners purchase a slatmill is because they allow you to provide your dog with physical activity, despite time restraints or physical limitations. More than 50% of American dogs are either overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Obesity causes joint strain, arthritis, fatigue, and heart problems. The biggest factors contributing to weight gain are limited or no physical activity and overfeeding.

  • For Dogs Boundless Energy. slatmills are best suited for owners that already take their dogs on long outdoor walks, but still come home with a dog hyped up and full of energy! It’s true that some breeds are simply non-stop, in which case a slatmill can help those high-octane dogs burn off steam.

  • Great For Disabled Owners. For a dog owner with disabilities or for an owner who is at an age where walking long distances is a struggle, having a slatmill can be a perfect solution. slatmills can lessen the stress of taking your dog for multiple walks throughout the day or for paying for a dog walker (which can really add up).

  • Supplemental Exercise for Overweight Dogs. Using a slatmill a few times a week as a supplemental way to exercise can really help take weight off, keep weight off and tire the dog out.

  • For Those In Extreme Climates. This is particularly useful when you live in extreme climate areas as well. Sometimes taking the dog for a 20-minute walk when its 5 degrees outside just isn’t the most ideal scenario. Instead of having your dog run around the house to get rid of that extra energy, using a slatmill would be a better alternative.

  • To Avoid Night Time Walking. Another real world issue dog owners face is the time of day that a dog can be walked. For many owners, evening strolls are the only option, which isn’t a huge issue unless you live in an unsafe area.

We don’t refer to an “unsafe area” just in terms of crime – but also in terms of environment as well. Some locations may have unsmooth surfaces, broken glass, or rocky roads in a rural area. If your walking path is dangerous, a slatmill may be a better alternative for your dog’s paws and your safety.

Prevent boredom

A main cause of canine behavioral problems is boredom. Your furniture, shoes, or neighbors’ ears can fall victim to a bored dog. A dog learns to focus on the moving track during slatmill workouts and to a keep pace, which engages their mind and body. It’s also a great way to add variety to your dog’s existing exercise routine.

Reduce behavioral problems

Many professional trainers will advise those with high-energy or working breeds to “find your dog a job.” A slatmill workout can be part of the solution. Dogs have to “work” in order to keep a pace on the slatmill, and it gives them a specific task to focus on. Increased mental stimulation helps dogs to feel important and happy.

Improve training results

Under-exercised dogs have trouble concentrating on tasks, such as training, or might be difficult to control. This can can make even the most basic obedience training time-consuming and ineffective. You’ll find tired or “worked” dogs are better able to focus, resulting in improved training outcomes. Just 10 minutes on the slatmill can help your dog be ready to learn new skills and obedience training.

One of the least discussed attributes of fitness on dogs is its indisputable impact on the pet-human bond. As pack animals dogs need the social connection with their leader. The type of activities you do and the manner in which they are performed helps increase the bond. Leaving exercise to someone else only enhances their bond with your dog, not yours. Seek activities that you can do together regularly and routinely.


How Do I Train my dog to run on a slatmill?

If your dog has never used a slatmill before, begin by first walking your dog over the mill. This helps your dog gain familiarity with the slatmill and will ease any fears the dog may have of the mill. Repeat this process several times by having your dog step up onto the rear of the mill, walk your dog across the mill, then allow your dog to step down off the front of the mill, give lots of praise and reward with a treat or favorite toy. After two or three repetitions of walking your dog across the machine, your dog will be ready to be hooked up and start slowly encouraging your dog to walk forward, Another way is by feeding your dog on the mill, this will help your dog feel more comfortable on it. work slowly and your dog will be running in no time and having a blast doing it.

AADRI Rules and Regulations

1) All dogs must be AADRI, LLC registered to enter sanctioned events. Dogs may be registered the day of the show. 

2) All dogs brought onto the fairgrounds must be current on all immunizations. 
3) All dogs must be at least 9 months of age to compete in the treadmill race.
4) No bitches in heat will be allowed to compete. Deceit equals disqualification. NO REFUND!
5) No human aggressive dogs and No dog aggressive humans. Violation will result in disqualification. 
6) All dogs entered must be in good health and able to run on a treadmill for 2 minutes. A judge may disqualify a dog if he/she feels the dog is not physically fit to compete.
7) All exibitors must be present at the handler's meeting.
8) The judge will inspect and approve the treadmill before the race begins.
9) Each dog is required to race for 2 minutes. A judge will time each dog with a stopwatch.
10) Males will race against males and females will race against females. Awards will be given for the top 3 distances for each sex. Best Distance will be awarded to the male or female that ran the furthest.
11) No more then 2 handlers and 1 form of bait will be allowed in the race area. No food or drink or live bait may be used. Bait will be approved by the judge before the race begins.
12) The judge will stop the race if he feels the dog may be in danger of injury as a result of equipment malfunction, entanglement or other unsafe interference. It is up to the handler of the dog to restart racing after the dog has had a minimum of 5 minutes rest.