What is sprint coursing?

How many times have you seen your dog zooming around, bolting as fast as they can after a squirrel? Well that is called pray drive and your dog is doing exactly what dogs are supposed to do. So how do you satisfy your dog’s high-energy, inner instincts? Sprint Coursing may be the perfect answer! It’s an exciting way for them to do what comes naturally but in a safe, controlled environment.  Sprint coursing is a sport which tests the inherent Working Drive characteristics of breeds. In this event, dogs chase a mechanized lure down a course that simulates chasing live prey. Running across the curse at full speed is simply heaven for these dogs! At the same time, it helps improve their focus, agility among other things.

Until you’ve actually seen it in action, it’s hard to imagine the complete and utter joy on your dog’s face as they run the course, following the lure from start to finish. So if you’ve been looking for an activity that takes full advantage of your dogs energy, natural ability and drive, Then Sprint coursing is for you!

What are the benefits?

Physical activity is always a must for dogs, and the social benefits are also there. “The biggest factor for us is fun the owners get such a kick out of seeing their dogs’ pure joy at doing what they were born to do, of following their own instincts. The dogs get a great run which is good for their fitness. It’s also a great way for people to get out and spend time with other dog lovers and get to know new people.”

How do I Train my dog for sprint coursing?

To start, you can buy or make a Flirt pole. You have the option of hanging any kind of chew toy on this wand and have the dog chase, jump or snap at the hanging toy. This allows the dog to prepare for the long haul chase ahead and this type of toy stimulates a dogs desire to chase. if your dog loves playing with a flirt pole they’ll likely love lure coursing. 


AADRI Rules and Regulations

A club sanctioned with the All American Dog Registry International, LLC may hold a lure coursing event known as a sprint at their shows or weight pull events with the following rules and regulations being strictly followed.

   The host club must have access or own a properly working coursing machine-AADRI,LLC. Must make approval of this machine prior to holding the event. For the purpose of the AADRI, LLC. The course is to be set up with an outer fence or barrier as well as at least a plastic fence barrier to form an “alley” of at least 3 feet wide to at the most 6 feet wide in which the sprints will be held.

   Along with the Judge, it is recommended to have a Back-Up Judge, a Courser (operator of the coursing machine), a Mid-Course Handler, and a Finish Line Handler. These may be club members or a mix of other exhibitors and club members. Safety is of the utmost importance!

   One dog is to be on the course at a time. No other dogs are to be on leash on the grounds even for the purposes of relieveing itself. All dogs crated rule is non-negiotiable.

·         No dogs under 9 months 

·         No females in season

·         No blind dogs

·         No injured or limping dogs

·         No pregnant or lactating dogs

·         No human aggressive dogs

·         All dogs are required to be UTD on all shots including rabies

   Novices and/ or Fun-runs will be run first. Charges are $5.00 per dog, per class/run.


   There will ALWAYS be a Handlers Meeting between the Handlers and the Lure Operators and Judges prior to the run. Everyone participating is required to attend.


   Good sportsmanship is to be exhibited at all times by all participants. Substitutions will be allowed-one dog for another because of injury, female coming into heat, etc. Back up Judges will be utilized if Judge wishes to participate with own dog, or if a kennel partner or immediate family member is running the course.


   Course and Event grounds – all participants and exhibitors are requested to pick up after their own dogs and themselves. Everyone should be sure to leave their area clean, all trash deposited in trash receptacles before vacating the grounds. Handlers will be asked to get their dogs to eliminate prior to the runs beginning. If your dog fouls the course you will be responsible to the quick and complete clean-up.


Warrants Excusal from Course:

·         Abuse of your dog

·         Aggression from handler or dog towards anyone on Course

·         Poor sportsmanship, toward dog, Judge(s), or others


   Dogs will be grouped Small-20lbs. and Under, Medium-60 lbs. and Under, Large-Over 60 lbs.

   Runs are timed and dog must complete course without interruption to not incur penalties. If Handler releases before the Judge calls for it, the fault will be considered a Foul. Fouls are recognized as such-Release before Judge’s call, Run Refusal, or Running Off-Course. After 3 Fouls the dog will be finished for the day. Bonus points may be awarded if dog catches lure as long as there was no error on Course Operator’s part. Owner/Handler responsible to remove their dog from end of course, free dog from lure if necessary. In the case of same times, a Speed Duel will be called and the dogs will run once more, fastest time with no Fouls wins.

   100 points for Sprint Master title.

·         Both Handlers must attend the Handlers Meeting

·         Buckle collar free of any tags must be on the dog

·         Muzzles are allowed, they MUST be of the racing style to allow for proper breathing

·         Leg wraps(protection for dew claws) are allowed

·         For Working Dog competitors with long hair, hair bands to keep hair out of eyes allowed