The All American Dog Registry International, LLC will only register American Pit Bull Terriers as pure bred animals.  We will only register puppies from American Pit Bull Terriers.  
Every pedigree sent in with registration applications will be researched.  If the AADRI board does not deem your dog as a pure bred APBT, you will be sent Working Dog paperwork.  Please see the Working Dog Program page for more information about this form of paperwork. 
If there are any questions about the status of your paperwork, registering your dog, or any other registration questions, feel free to e-mail us and we will get back to you at our quickest convenience. 

For a litter registration, both sire and dam must be AADRI registered. Dam must be registered in the name of the litter owner.  Be aware, that the AADRI board may ask for photos of sire, dam and litter if deemed necessary.