2/1/2017: Effective immediately, all litter registrations must have a photo of the dam with the entire litter included.  All applications missing this photo will be returned to sender.

2/5/2015: The AADRI, LLC is proud to announce:
The AADRI, LLC views the American Pit Bull Terrier as an all-around dog. After all, look at the great and varied history of our breed-the APBT was the poor man’s dog, the dog that had to wear many hats and be versatile and tough enough to handle all kinds of situations.  We are continuing to add more events for our APBT’s and our Working Dogs to excel in.  In this same tone of thinking we feel we should recognize our registered dogs that reach excellence in more than one of our pointed events.  Our current titles available are:

                                                                                  Mill Master

                                                                                Pull Master

                                                                                Sprint Master

                                                                        Tug of War Master

AADRI, LLC proudly introduces the levels of our new title: Complete Dog/Complete Working Dog:

Bronze Level-2 titles held. (Example: Champion and Mill Master=Complete Dog or BRZ CD/BRZ CWD)

Silver Level-3 Titles Held. (SLV CD/SLV CWD)

Gold Level-4 Titles Held. (GLD CD/GLD CWD)

Platinum Level- 5 Titles Held. (PLT CD/PLT CWD)

More information coming soon!


May 22, 2014: Effective Now:
We have previously stated that our mission is the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier, however: we also offer a Working Dog Registration for any other breed wishing to participate in any of our active events of Treadmill and Weight Pull. The Working Dog Registration is not to track pedigree, as we will not issue them a pedigree nor will we register any litters of our Working Dogs. The Working Dog Registration is simply to allow other breeds to participate in our active events making them eligible for titles such as Mill Master and Pull Master. The owners of the AADRI, LLC have made the decision that at this time we will not register any other breed for conformation and pedigree other than the American Pit Bull Terrier.

May 21, 2014: Effective NOW:

We have previously stated that our mission is the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier, with that said,  at this time we feel we must make an announcement that we recognize that there are bloodlines within our breed that are currently with other registries being registered as American Pit Bull Terriers that in all actuality are what we come to know as American Bully type dogs or dogs that VASTLY deviate from the AADRI standard. The American Bully is a dog of extremes. They are heavily muscled, heavy boned, massive dogs. This is NOT an American Pit Bull Terrier to the standard of the All American Dog Registry International, LLC. While at one time they may have closer resembled the APBT, current breeding practices have developed the American Bully. While the AADRI, LLC means no disrespect to anyone who owns or has this breed, we WILL NOT register an American Bully as an American Pit Bull Terrier. Any dog from the bloodlines currently running American Bully dogs will be suspect and will be asked to submit pictures before AADRI, LLC will consider registration. 
We at the All American Dog Registry International, LLC have committed ourselves to uphold the integrity of this breed.


2/19/2014  If you have any paperwork issues that need resolved, you have until March 31, 2014 to let us know so that we can make this right. Please e-mail or message us so that we can research this. Thank you!! AADRI Staff





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